What is osteopathy and what can it cure?

Osteopathy is a therapy that is gaining more and more ground in the western world. So, what is osteopathy? In this post we’ll take a good look at what osteopathy and osteopathic care is.

The term osteopathy refers to a system of manipulative therapy devised by Doctor Andrew Taylor Still in Kansas, America in the second half of the 19th century. The Kansas physician believed that our bodies were capable of protecting us from various diseases.
A trained osteopath or doctor of osteopathic medicine who applies osteopathic manipulation techniques focuses on the stimulation of our skeleton to ensure that all the body’s fluids circulate smoothly within the “machine” that is man. As a result, according to the principles of osteopathy, pain and disease can be eradicated.


So, just that is osteopathic therapy? Those who believe in osteopathy think it can cure almost any ailment. In the opinion of specialists though, osteopathic therapy can help treat spine ailments, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis and even tennis elbow.  Osteopathy can also provide relief from trauma and severe distortion – such as might occur in a car accident. Whiplash is but one example of severe distortion. According to some experts, osteopathy can also be used to help relieve anxiety and depression.

How does osteopathy work? Well, the preferred instrument of osteopaths is their hands. In fact, the hands of osteopaths are trained to be able to recognise small changes in the tissues of our bodies and can even detect changes in body temperature in specific areas of the body. The sensitivity of their hands allows osteopaths to identify areas of the body which are inflamed and this often indicates the existence of possible problems.

To assist the work of their hands, osteopaths want their patients to be in a state of complete relaxation and to help patients reach such a state, they use special osteopathic couches. Having a patient in a state of near complete relaxation allows osteopaths diagnose and treat problems more effectively.

A session with an osteopath may seem a little strange to a patient in that the osteopath may never actually touch the areas of the body which appear to require therapy. Instead, the osteopathic treatment may well focus on the manipulation of another area of the body, as, in the opinion of the osteopath, it may well be the part which is the root cause of pain.

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