Weight Loss: The Mediterranean diet is Best

One the most fashionable weight loss diets at the moment is the Scarsdale diet plan.

Designed by American cardiologist Dr. Herman Tarnow at the end of the sixties, the Scarsdale diet recommends increasing the consumption of proteins while lowering the intake of sugars and fats to encourage the body to draw upon its own reserves and thus decrease fat levels.

With its high consumption of meat, this diet, like the Dukan diet, is regarded as being a protein based weight loss system.

The Scarsdale diet program alternates between a 14-day diet plan which is then followed by a 15 day maintenance period during which time larger meals are allowed. After the 15 day “break”, you follow the Scarsdale diet plan once more.

This diet system promises weight loss of up to 20kg in 14 days due to the depletion of the body’s carbohydrate reserves, the lowering of muscle tone, and the effects of dehydration on the body.

Mediterranean diet

The best way to lose weight, however, has nothing to do with fashionable diet systems.

This is Medical Hotel’s weight loss philosophy:

1) The application of Mediterranean diet guidelines and the consumption of the correct proportions of nutrients as recommended by the “food guide pyramid” which has been adopted by the World Health Organization. This approach differs from diet systems which advise the elimination of certain categories of foods.

2) A consistent exercise program, designed and tailored to your specific aerobic capacity, as opposed to diet systems which focus exclusively on reducing daily calorie intake.

3) Direct and personal advice from doctors specializing in nutrition and exercise which contrasts with those who offer advice online or propose DIY diets.

4) Education designed to encourage the adoption of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the rest of our lives – this is in stark contrast to those who advise short term fasting and certain other forms of “torture”.

By following these guidelines and by not being taken in by the illusion of instant results, you will lose weight, stay healthy and the effects will be much longer lasting too.

In order to provide an easy tool, refusing fashionable whims and clichés, the Basil Menu is a complete guide to improve your awareness about Food and Balanced Weight Loss.


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