Try a functional training exercise plan to lose weight

The new frontier for exercise plans to lose weight, but not only, are functional training exercises. Lying behind the obscure sounding term, functional training, is something very simple and intuitive. Functional training uses exercises that reflect the movements of everyday life and it builds upon them to help develop functional fitness.

As an exercise and weight loss system, functional training is becoming increasingly popular because functional training exercises do not involve the use of complex machinery, nor do they require the continuous supervision of a personal trainer.

functional training exercises

A functional training exercise plan to lose weight uses medicine balls, elastic fabrics, bars and weights, with the rest of the exercise system exploiting movements of the body. This means functional training can be done in your own home. The functional aspect comes from the way in which the “exercises” involve doing household chores, so while exercising you are doing something useful. With this system, all muscle groups are given a work out including: the buttocks, arms, back, and legs.

Functional training exercise plans are perfect for weight loss because they promote agility, enhance reflexes, and develop coordination, all of which are useful in everyday life. Many functional exercises mimic natural everyday movements such as taking a baby in your arms, lifting and carrying a bag full of shopping home from your local supermarket, and even the simple action of unloading your shopping onto the kitchen table becomes part of a functional training exercise plan.

Other exercises reproduce the effort used to beat a rug – this helps give your shoulders and back a workout. Yet another exercise mimics the simple action of getting out of bed to help firm up your abs.

If done daily for at least forty minutes, functional training helps you burn calories more easily, speeds up your metabolism and it helps promote faster cell regeneration. As well as being invigorating and helping you tone your body, functional training exercises virtually transform your everyday life into the equivalent of an exercise plan to lose weight – except you don’t need to visit a gym for a work out!

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