The Philosopy of Wellness

Ricette del Benessere is the blog of the Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel.

This blog is a destination we have created especially for discussion, expression and communication were we can share the philosophy, values, and principles which have always inspired our work.

By visiting our blog even those who are unable to visit us in person will be able to understand who we are and will be able to benefit from our straightforward, practical advice on how you can better live your life.

This is our guiding philosophy:

1) Health as a lifestyle, because we believe that nutrition, physical activity, contact with nature and with others are the prime ingredients which help us discover the joy of life and as such they are also our main medicine.

2) Food is Medicine, Sport is Medicine, Joy is Medicine… take them every day and you will most probably reduce your current and future intake of other, less pleasant, drugs.

3) A healthy lifestyle is the best wellness treatment that you can give yourself because it is always available, it is always effective and it costs nothing. Many know that the correct way of life is a good form of prevention, but few know just how easy and extremely pleasant it is.

4) If what is good is does you good and if you like the cure, the effects will be better and last longer.

5) More life to your years and more years to life: this is the real treasure we want to keep, both for those who want to maintain their well-being and for those who need to recuperate.

The Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel, is a simple but ingenious idea, a destination that combines:

– the service and the attention to guests of a large hotel
– the benefits of a pleasant and natural spa resort
– the effectiveness and professionalism of a clinic which specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation

The aim of Medical Hotel is to care for you during your stay, and to help you get back into good physical shape.

Our mission is to help you reach your rehabilitation and recovery goals in comfort while you are on vacation.

The innovation underlying Medical Hotel lies in the fact that the pleasantness of our care is integral to its effectiveness.

Our integration of health and hospitality services enables us to meet the psycho-physical needs of our guests in a more complete, effective, safer, and in some circumstances, less costly fashion than traditional health centers.

For more information on Ermitage Bel Air – Medical Hotel‘s range of services, visit our website or use the contact form.

If you share our philosophy and we’ve piqued your curiosity, read our blog and we’ll show you how to adopt our way of life every day!

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