Looking for Some Sugar Alternatives? Try these

Sugar: it has too many calories, is not recommended for slimmers and is disliked by the health-conscious. As a result, more and more people are looking for suitable sugar alternatives.

Sugar Alternatives

Why should this easy to use super-sweetener be replaced? Firstly, because refined sugar tends to be a highly processed product made using carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid and various colourings. Owing to its high calorie content, refined sugar is far from ideal for those trying to lose weight. This is why people are on the look out for sugar substitutes.

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In fact there’s no shortage of sugar alternatives. Many are natural substances which have not been processed using chemicals.

One of the oldest traditional sugar alternatives is honey. Used since ancient times, honey is an excellent sugar substitute which comes in many different varieties and flavours depending whereabouts the bees which make it are located.

Two other valid alternatives to sugar are maple syrup and molasses. Maple syrup could not be more natural as it’s simply the sap extracted from a plant; it contains sucrose, potassium, B group vitamins, and calcium. Molasses, on the other hand, comes from sugar cane. This thick, sticky syrup is ideal for making cakes.

On the subject of sugar cane, there’s cane sugar itself which is a great alternative to refined sugar. Real, natural cane sugar should be brown and moist. Owing to the magnesium and potassium cane sugar contains, when it is exposed to the air it absorbs moisture and becomes a block. If this happens, you can be sure the cane sugar you bought is genuine.

Other good sugar alternatives are barley malt, rice and corn syrups, all of which are obtained from the germination of cereals.

Substitute for Sugar

Finally, coming from a shrub that grows in South America, there’s stevia. The powder obtained from drying and crushing the stevia plant contains sucrose which makes it an ideal substitute for sugar – even for diabetics sufferers.

What’s your favourite natural substitute for sugar?

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