Study Better by Eating Memory Boosting Food

Have you got exams coming up? If so, how can you study better? And make sure all that knowledge sinks in. Well, you need to eat the best brain food – food to improve your memory.

With the arrival of the warm weather, concentrating on your studies becomes more and more difficult. The problem is that the run up to summer coincides with middle, high school and university examinations, which makes June one grueling month for many students. In the early heat of summer, getting down to your studies is not at all easy. However, to study more effectively and concentrate better, it is now possible to take memory supplements, some of which are natural, while others have been created especially for the purpose.  Between natural and man-made memory supplements, we recommend the first.

Best Brain Food

First, you should know that group B vitamins are your best allies when seeking to boost your powers of concentration and your learning capacity. So, when you are preparing for exams, you need the best brain food, so eat plenty of legumes, dried fruit, bananas and tuna, all of which rich in vitamin B. As a memory food, royal jelly is highly recommended. It’s rich in digestible sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals, making it ideal for those suffering from a lack of appetite or who need a quick snack to eat on the run, or maybe while they have their heads buried in books.

As well as vitamin B, glutamine and phosphoserine aid concentration and can help all that information sink in. Both glutamine and phosphoserine are natural substances that act directly on the central nervous system, stimulating and improving you capacity to learn. Glutamine is found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and is in red meat, nuts, soy, turkey and beans too. Phosphoserine, on the other hand, is to be found in eggs, tasty Parmesan cheese, pumpkin and pork.

One of the best supplements for memory, though, is sleep. In fact, scientific studies have shown that alternating of light and deep sleep helps consolidate knowledge. So ban those long nights spent buried in books. To study better, and ensure something sinks in, get a good night’s sleep and then get back to your studies the next morning, when you be feeling rested and refreshed.


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