Spas Cures and Health Service Agreements

The Ermitage Bel Air Spa has entered into agreements with several leading health and welfare organizations allowing the integration of its healthcare products and services into those of both Italy’s National Health Service and of private health organisations authorised to offer care on behalf of Italy’s National Health Service.

Agreements designed to reach common treatment goals exist between between Italy’s public health service and private healthcare entities. Such agreements are advantageous to Italy’s public health system as treatment can be kept cost effective and, at times, lowered. To ensure high treatment standards are maintained, healthcare providers are selected carefully to achieve a balance between patient care quality and savings.

The Ermitage Bel Air Spa has entered into agreements with a number of public and private healthcare providers which allow our spa to offer treatments that have been approved by Italy’s national health service. The spa also works with institutions such as Fasi, Faschim, Fasi Open, the Generali Group, Enpam and V4A. Let’s take a closer look at some of these agreements.

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Spas Cures and Health Service Agreements

Clients of the Ermitage Bel Air Spa are able to take advantage of spa therapies affiliated with Fasi, a supplementary healthcare fund. The fund specialises in the provision of healthcare to executives working for businesses in Italy.  Fasi‘s services are integrated into those of Italy’s national health service and the healthcare fund has agreements with a large number of health care facilities.

Ermitage Bel Air also offers its spa therapy through the Faschim healthcare fund. This organization provides healthcare to full-time permanent employees, employees with work contracts of longer than 6 months, and their families. Faschim‘s arrangements with Italy’s national health service lead to reductions in the cost of private healthcare.

In addition, the Ermitage Bel Air Spa has an agreement with Village 4 All (V4A), an organisation offering holidays for the disabled and for those with special needs. V4A ensure care is provided to individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities, motor, sensory limitations (the blind and /or deaf), those with food allergies and intolerances, as well as the elderly, diabetics, those on dialysis, people suffering from obesity, and families with small children. The organisation allows individuals to choose hotels or structures able to provide both hospitality and healthcare.

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