Psychophysical Recovery and Muscle Relaxation

Fight stress with our spa’s muscle relaxation programmes

Relax your body to relax your mind – recovering you physical and psychological well-being with muscle relaxation therapy really does help in reducing stress and combating anxiety.

While muscle relaxation exercises help keep your muscles in good shape so you get the most out of workouts in the gym, they can also help by inducing a state of relaxation allowing you to reduce stress and regain a sense of well-being. You’ll also feel more positive and when you feel relaxed, you can cope with life’s stress and anxiety much more easily.

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Psychophysical Recovery

Ermitage Bel Air Spa‘s psychophysical recovery programmes

The Ermitage Bel Air Spa offers two psychophysical recovery programmes to help you regain your physical and psychological well-being.

First, there’s our 7 night full board Antistress Programme which includes a 40 minute inhalation therapy session for couples or singles, a skin purifying thermal mud body scrub and our special “Principles” and “Feeling Time” facials. There are also two lymph drainage sessions, two hour long anti-stress massages and manicure and pedicure sessions. This program is highly recommended if reducing stress and removing toxins from your body is what you need. Our anti-stress programme is designed to promote muscle relaxation and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Next, there’s our Otium Relaxation Programme which is particularly beneficial to the body and the spirit. The Otium experience is aide by our comfortable surroundings and the full attention of our knowledgeable and skilled staff.

This programme is ideal for you if you want to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life while enjoying all the facilities offered by our spa hotel. The 3 night Otium short break package includes our spa kit (bathrobe, slippers and pool towels) and you will be able to sample our healthy low-calorie Basil Menu. The Otium Programme also includes 2 relaxing muscle massages and 2 Watsu treatments.

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