Prevent wrinkles with wrinkle creams

Wrinkles are inevitable. Sooner or later on the faces of both women and men, wrinkles will appear. Like time itself, they seem unstoppable, however by using a good wrinkle cream, you can prevent wrinkles from appearing too soon.

Wrinle CreamsTo understand how to keep wrinkles at bay, it’s a good idea to understand how they are formed. Wrinkles appear when the amount of elastin and collagen in our skin decreases. The reduction in these two substances makes our skin less resistant to weathering and can prevent it returning to normal after certain facial expressions (think of your forehead or the sides of your lips, or even the corners of your eyes). The effects of the weather cause our skin to lose moisture and the reduction of sebum also makes skin tissues even more arid. It is no secret that too much exposure to the sun or other light sources (eg sunlamps) both dries up our skin and virtually destroys its ability to regulate itself. So what you will probably want to know now is how to prevent wrinkles?

To prevent wrinkles and delay their appearance you need to choose a good wrinkle cream. Actually, with a little know-how, it’s quite possible to make an effective anti-wrinkle cream in the comfort of your own home. However, if the idea of do-it yourself wrinkle creams scares you, then seek the advice of herbalists or dermatologists.

Before choosing, or making, the best wrinkle cream for yourself, you need to understand your skin type. If you have skin which tends to be dry, then you will need a cream which can reduce the fragility of your skin’s surface layer or epidermis which becomes thinner and more easily irritated with age. An anti-wrinkle cream for dry skin should ideally contain a sunscreen and ingredients to limit the action of free radicals.

If, on the other hand, your skin tends to be oily, then you will need a wrinkle cream that reduces the oiliness and is also rich in antioxidants.

To slow down the onset of wrinkles, paying attention to personal hygiene can make a big difference. Women must remove make-up thoroughly in the evenings.  It’s also important to moisturize skin before going to bed. Remember too, to include plenty of vegetables seasoned with good quality extra virgin olive oil and lots fruit in your daily diet. Anything which contains antioxidants will help prevent wrinkles from appearing.

Here are some anti-wrinkle foods that can help slow down the aging of your skin!

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