Suffering from Painful Joints? Try Our Spa Treatments

Joint Pain TreatmentJoint pain is a major problem. Those painful joints may be your wrists or knees, or your back or neck, and the pain can become so unbearable that even normal activities like sleeping and walking can come ordeals.

What can you do? Is there no joint pain treatment?

Something you can do is try to reduce joint pain. The cause of painful joints is inflammation which in turn leads to swollen tissues and pain.

Therapeutic mud treatments are one effective way to relieve joint pain. While there are many places offering mud treatments, few have specific programs for the joint pain treatment by trained professionals who can assist and care for patients all the way through the treatment process.

At Medical Hotel, the medical treatment facility of Ermitage Hotel Bel Air in Abano Terme, Italy, we have a program dedicated to the therapeutic treatment of diseases associated with joint pain. Our program combines mud therapy, balneotherapy (hot and cold baths) and deep massage therapy to reduce the pain caused by joint inflammation.

Our program is recommeded for the treatment of chronic diseases but it can also help anyone suffering from disorders which cause painful joints. Perhaps, in a moment when the pain is not acute, you want to prepare yourself for physiotherapy. A course of physiotherapy helps reduce bad posture which can lead to joint pain.

Also worth remembering is that spa treatments help reinforce your immune system and can benefit your metabolism too.

Our therapeutic programs last a week or two. The cost starts at €490 per person per week. For thermal medicinal treatments for painful joints, your national health service or health insurer may subsidise or fund the entire cost.

To see all our joint pain therapy programs, click here

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