Discover the Many Benefits of the Ozone Spa

The beneficial effects of ozoned water

Ozone spa therapies combines two spa treatments into one to create ozone therapy. These therapies, which are completely  natural and without side effects, derive their benefits from ozone gas. The main benefit of the ozone spa, as well as those of all other ozone-based therapies is ozone’s antiseptic properties and the gas greatly enhances the flow of oxygen into your body’s tissues. This can have a positive effect on numerous disorders and can improve your overall psychophysical balance.

But how do ozone spas work? The treatment is performed in hot spa water to which ozone gas mixed with oxygen is added using jets that then massage and tone the whole body. The temperature of ozone water should never exceed 32 degrees Centigrade. Ozone thermal baths also help stimulate blood circulation and because of this, they are also a valuable ally in the treatment of cellulite, diseases of the cardiovascular system and can help reduce blood circulation problems too.

Benefits of the Ozone Spa

As well as all the above, ozonised spa baths can also help relieve stress and they can also help reduce skin problems such as acne and skin blemishes. Another of the benefits of ozone spa baths are their anti-inflammatory, analgesic and disinfectant properties which can reduce bacterial and fungal problems. All this is achieved without any side effects.

Ozone spa treatments

Because of their many benefits, ozone spa baths form an integral part body and skin wellbeing. One of the many treatments on offer at the Ermitage Bel Air Spa in Abano Terme is its year round Ambrosia Programme: a three day full-board spa break for those seeking beauty treatments and wellbeing.

The ozone spa bath is just one of the treatments offered as part of the Ambrosia Programme which also include facial lymph drainage with a custom mask, manicure and pedicure, two leg drainage massages, two pressure therapy treatments and, of course, an ozonised bath combined with a massage and body scrub session. All this in the comfortable and relaxing surroundings of the Ermitage Bel Air Spa with its many amenities to will allow you to combine wellness treatments with a lovely break.

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Discover the Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology offers psychological and physical benefits

Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on a simple principle: each aspect of life affects our well-being. The aim of reflexology is to restore equilibrium to your body as a whole and to stimulate its self-healing capacity.

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The benefits of reflexology, a technique which works on the assumption the foot is a “map”, are many and work at different levels. Each point on your foot is linked to an internal organ and, with the proper massage and stimulation, reflexology can bring benefits to the whole body. Reflexology operates on mental, emotional and physical planes. Moreover, reflexology massages induce the body to produce significant amounts of endorphins, substances which can raise your pain threshold and generate a feeling of wellbeing. As a result, improvements occur in blood circulation, lymphatic function and in energy levels, the effects of which stimulate or modulate the function of all the organs in your body.

Even people suffering from emotional and mental health problems can benefit greatly from reflexology. When the body and its functions are in balance, both the psyche and emotions can achieve a state of well-being which reduces feelings of anxiety and stress.

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Benefits of Reflexology

Antistress Programme: the benefits of reflexology combined with a relaxing holiday

Amongst the many different treatments on offer as part of our Antistress Program  here at the Ermitage Bel Air Spa in Abano Terme there’s also a reflexology session. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing massage. Our comfortable surroundings will help ensure the benefits of reflexology are even more effective and long lasting, thereby giving you feeling of complete wellbeing.

Our 7 night full board Antistress Package includes spa steam treatment, a sea salt body scrub, a relaxing session in hot spa water, two anti-stress and two lymph drainage massages and, of course, a half hour reflexology session. Ermitage Bel Air spa‘s guests can also use our cardio-fitness circuit and all the other amenities on offer at our spa hotel.

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Health and Wellness

Holistic Treatments Can Help You Beat Stress and Anxiety

Holistic therapies: centred around you

Considering the person as a whole, as a harmonious blend of mind and body, emotions and spirit is what holistic treatments are all about, and is also why holistic therapies are considered complementary. Instead of merely suppressing symptoms without discovering why they exist, holistic therapies attempt to remedy the root causes of disharmony or dysfunction which lead to discomfort.

That the holistic approach considers individuals as a whole is reflected in its name which comes from the Greek word for everything: “olos”. The name also highlights the ancient origins of holistic therapies, though it is only in recent years that these treatments have been attracting more interest and attention.

The difference between holistic and traditional treatments is that while traditional medicine considers problems solved once symptoms have been treated, the holistic approach seeks to identify the cause of disorders or symptoms within a person’s emotions. This is why holistic therapies are particularly suitable for the treating anyone who is suffering from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Holistic Treatments

Among the best known natural and holistic treatments are shiatsu, reflexology, Reiki, Tuina, flower essence therapy and Scenar treatments. Each one, though with different approaches, seeks to help us reach a new level of psychophysical equilibrium so we can face life feeling more relaxed and with the energy we need to cope with the stresses life generates.

Holistic treatments in Abano Terme 

The benefits of holistic therapies in the treatment of stress are now accepted, so much so that holistic treatments are often regarded as one of the pillars of wellbeing. The Antistress Programme of the Ermitage Bel Air Spa in Abano Terme features therapies based on holistic treatment philosophy.

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Our Antistress Programme is for anyone wishing to relax and regain his or her psychophysical balance. During your week with us, you will be able to try a thermal vapour session, a body scrub and a lymphatic drainage massage session as well as anti-stress massages and reflexology sessions. All our treatments take place in our pleasant and relaxing surroundings that have been specifically designed to increase the sense of wellbeing of our clients.

In the tradition of holistic therapies, Ermitage Terme Bel Air‘s programme will help you to regain your psychophysical balance and recover your sense of well-being.

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