Fight Flu with these Natural Flu Remedies

Modern drugs or traditional remedies? In a return to the past, more and more people are choosing traditional, natural flu remedies over those concocted in laboratories. In fact, people are rediscovering the ancient natural flu treatments used by their ancestors.

Natural Flu Remedies

There are many natural remedies you can use to help fight off flu and each of them help manage different stages of this common winter illness. For example, to nip that flu-like cold in its bud, you can try inhalants, with, perhaps, a few drops of an essential oil. Oils of thyme and eucalyptus are two essential oils which may well stop a cold in its tracks. Another substance you can try inhaling, and which may come as a bit of a surprise, is vinegar which may well help end the irritation a cold often causes to your nose. And a vinegar inhalant can bring relief from cold symptoms surprisingly quickly.

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If you are suffering from those aches and pains which often accompany a bout of flu, you may need something else in addition to an inhalant. Enter ginger, an effective painkiller, ginger can be drunk as a tea. It is also a natural energizer that helps overcome drowsiness and accelerates the healing process. As well as being an excellent anti-inflammatory, ginger is also a good antioxidant.

Infusions of elderberry, devil’s claw and white willow (also useful against headaches) can also help keep those aches and pains at bay. All these natural flu remedies can be found in shops specialising in herbal medicine.

Should your flu attack be well under way, there are other natural remedies you can try to help you get over the symptoms. One of the best home flu remedies is honey. Often used to sooth a sore throat, honey is a veritable panacea for many ills. Of the many varieties of honey which exist, honeys made with the pollen of eucalyptus or thyme make the best flu fighters. Although few know it, a mixture of honey and garlic makes an excellent treatment for a clogged up respiratory system.

As you have read, there are plenty of natural flu remedies. Why not try a few?

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