Massotherapy at Abano Terme: function and benefits

What is Massotherapy? Massotherapy, or massage therapy, came about after studies revealed health improvement benefits could be achieved through the use of massage techniques. Consequently, treatments were devised to manage sports related injuries and problems associated with ageing. The Abano Terme spa in Italy offers a range of spa therapy programmes which include massotherapy treatment.

So, what is massotherapy? The term refers to targeted massages performed using touch, clutches, and pressure which applied to the parts of the body needed treatment. The objective of these massages is to reduce the effects of injuries and to speed healing, but they can also help reduce fatigue and stress.

Massotherapy Abano Terme

Massotherapy is widely used in sports to increase the resilience and stamina of athletes. The treatments applied differ depending on the muscle groups requiring treatment and the purpose of the therapy.

Pain caused by ageing, such as the problems associated with loss of muscle tone or inflamed tendons, can also be relieved with massotherapy.

Massotherapy can be combined with other treatments such as, for example, mud therapy and thermal balneotherapy.

The Ermitage Medical Bel Air Hotel in Abano Terme offers its guests several massotherapy programs and specialises in treatments designed to manage age-related degenerative diseases and reduce other side-effects of ageing.

To maximise the effectiveness of the massotherapy treatments offered by the Abano Terme medical centre, they are combined with mud therapy and balneotherapy. The aim of the courses of treatment is to reduce inflammation and pain. Abano Terme spa’s massotherapy programmes may also be combined with the centre’s range of rehabilitation therapy treatments. This is recommended when the aim of the treatment is to restore mobility.

Massotherapy can also assist in the management of the symptoms of chronic diseases.

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