Holistic Treatments Can Help You Beat Stress and Anxiety

Holistic therapies: centred around you

Considering the person as a whole, as a harmonious blend of mind and body, emotions and spirit is what holistic treatments are all about, and is also why holistic therapies are considered complementary. Instead of merely suppressing symptoms without discovering why they exist, holistic therapies attempt to remedy the root causes of disharmony or dysfunction which lead to discomfort.

That the holistic approach considers individuals as a whole is reflected in its name which comes from the Greek word for everything: “olos”. The name also highlights the ancient origins of holistic therapies, though it is only in recent years that these treatments have been attracting more interest and attention.

The difference between holistic and traditional treatments is that while traditional medicine considers problems solved once symptoms have been treated, the holistic approach seeks to identify the cause of disorders or symptoms within a person’s emotions. This is why holistic therapies are particularly suitable for the treating anyone who is suffering from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Holistic Treatments

Among the best known natural and holistic treatments are shiatsu, reflexology, Reiki, Tuina, flower essence therapy and Scenar treatments. Each one, though with different approaches, seeks to help us reach a new level of psychophysical equilibrium so we can face life feeling more relaxed and with the energy we need to cope with the stresses life generates.

Holistic treatments in Abano Terme 

The benefits of holistic therapies in the treatment of stress are now accepted, so much so that holistic treatments are often regarded as one of the pillars of wellbeing. The Antistress Programme of the Ermitage Bel Air Spa in Abano Terme features therapies based on holistic treatment philosophy.

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Our Antistress Programme is for anyone wishing to relax and regain his or her psychophysical balance. During your week with us, you will be able to try a thermal vapour session, a body scrub and a lymphatic drainage massage session as well as anti-stress massages and reflexology sessions. All our treatments take place in our pleasant and relaxing surroundings that have been specifically designed to increase the sense of wellbeing of our clients.

In the tradition of holistic therapies, Ermitage Terme Bel Air‘s programme will help you to regain your psychophysical balance and recover your sense of well-being.

 For more information on our Antistress Programme, get in touch.

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