Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery at Medical Hotel

Recovery from hip replacement surgery often occurs in outpatient health centres that do not allow overnight stays and this may have an adverse effect on the speed of recovery. It can also make life difficult for family members who will need to organise themselves to travel to and from the outpatient centre.

When the rehab period is spent in a hospital setting, it can cause problems for the National Health Service which constantly needs beds for new patients. On top of this, hospitals are not always the best places for post-surgery physical and psychological recovery and rehab.

For anyone looking for a residential hip replacement surgery recovery and rehab programme, and this means people who want their recovery progress to be rapid and closely monitored by qualified medical staff, the Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel in Abano Terme, Italy is ideal.

While thousands of hip replacements occur every year, hip replacement surgery recovery and rehabilitation programmes do not always do as much as they could for those attempting to rebuild their lives after this kind of operation. The post-operation period is crucial and requires an intense period of rehabilitation with regular progress and health checks.

The Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel offers hip replacement patients a solution which can help them regain their autonomy quickly. We have qualified, highly trained medical staff, advanced equipment, and we can also offer our guests the benefits of daily hot spa water treatments. Indeed, we have earned ourselves an excellent reputation in the field of hip replacement recovery therapy.

Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery

Our Reha Program includes 14 nights accommodation with full board at a cost of around €1,500 a week, plus 2 hours per day of individual recovery therapy, 10 one hour physiotherapy sessions and 10 half-hour water-based physiotherapy sessions, as well as 10 sessions of half-hour rehabilitation exercise sessions. In addition, our rehab programme includes two consultations with specialized medical staff a week and, of course, daily medical care.

If required, guests can tailor our Reha Programme to their personal needs. Half board stays are possible, or guests can request their own private rooms. In addition to hip replacement recovery and rehabilitation therapy, guests can activate additional services such as our Happy Wellness package which will gives them free access to our Cardio Fitness circuit and spa water vapour treatments, as well as to our well-being boosting Ayurvedic therapies.

We understand just how worrying the hip replacement surgery recovery phase can be for both for patients and for their families. Being able to count on a comfortable stay in the safe hands of skilled staff will help relieve some of the worry and ensure that the recovery period passes quickly, smoothly and is also very cost effective.

Here at the Ermitage Medical Bel Air Hotel, our aim is to get hip replacement patients back on their feet.

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Ermitage Bel Air Medical Hotel

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