The Numerous Health Benefits of Chocolate

Who said no pain, no gain? Eating chocolate certainly isn’t painful, and there are many health benefits of chocolate. Indeed, chocolate can be very good for you! No pain equals gain!

Numerous studies have established that the health benefits of chocolate are innumerable. Chocolate is especially good for our cardiovascular system and how we feel – our mood.

Once known as kakaw uhanal (or “food of the gods”), chocolate was discovered around 1000 BC by the Maya and was used by them exclusively as a drink for the upper classes. Chocolate arrived in Europe towards the end of the 14th century which is when it was first imported by Spanish merchants. At that time chocolate received almost universal acclaim for its goodness. However it is only recently that research has shown that chocolate has health benefits and can even help our bodies function better.

From a health viewpoint, the most important substances contained in chocolate are without doubt what are known as flavonoids. These have a strong antioxidant effect which inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol and in doing so, protects us from low blood pressure and helps keep us healthy. In addition, chocolate inhibits free radicals which cause our skin to show the signs of age, so it can also slow the effects of the aging process. Also worthy of note as another of the health benefits of chocolate, is its ability to function as a natural anti-depressant due to the presence of something called tryptamine which is also known as serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that has an effect on our mood.

Although we all know chocolate is good energy food, what is less well known is that chocolate raises the capacity of our blood to carry oxygen around our bodies which can help stamina. Chocolate, thanks to a substance called arginine, helps keep our immune systems in good condition which, in turn, helps keep us healthy.

Now you know chocolate can good for our health, but did you know that it is also good for your love life? Well it is! Chocolate, you see, contains a substance called, phenylalanine. This is an alkaloid that can create a form of “addiction” which seems to form the basis of sexual attraction and of falling in love. So, eat chocolate and fall in love!

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