50 Fun Skin Facts

After the medical infographic which revealed 28 fun facts about the human body, here is one with 50 fun skin facts!

These are the skin facts that caught my eye:

  • skin is the largest human organ
  • skin on average, if it is laid out flat, has an area of 2 square meters
  • skin is about 15% of our body weight
  • the thinnest layer of skin is located on our eyelids (0.02 mm thick)
  • the thickest layer of skin is located on the soles of our the feet (1.4 mm thick)
  • the skin on scars is hairless and has no hair or sweat glands
  • more than 50% of the dust in our homes is made up of dead skin (!)
  • every minute our skin loses 30,000 dead cells
  • sweat is odorless, it’s bacteria which makes it smell unpleasant
  • an average of 14 species of fungi live between our toes
  • we all have the same number of melanocytes (ie the cells that produce and distribute melanin) but the color of our skin is not down to their quantity but to their activity
  • one person in every 110,000 is albino, and has no melanocytes
  • melanin is also responsible for eye color
  • acne is caused by an overproduction of cells lining our sweat glands

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See other fun skin facts and curiosities on the infographic!

Fun Skin Facts - Medical Infographic


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