Fight those Wrinkles for Free with Facial Fitness

As the years pass, those signs of aging, wrinkles, show up on our faces. Anti-wrinkle treatments ranging from creams to cosmetic surgery, facial massages and botox injections abound, but these anti-aging tips will help you fight those wrinkles for free and you can follow them more or less when and where you like too.

Facial fitness

While many believe that facial exercise is a waste of time, dermatologists and speech therapists at Ghent University in Belgium would disagree. In their opinions, facial fitness is an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment. Before trying it, you need to know a few tricks so that this anti-wrinkle facial fitness program does what its supposed to.

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First of all, anti-wrinkle facial exercises need to be done daily, preferably in the morning when your skin is less tense.  Each facial exercise position has to be held for at least seven seconds. So, just what are the facial exercises you need to do? Here’s your very own facial fitness program:

  • for your forehead: start by frowning and use all the muscles above your eyes, including those of your eyebrow. Then open your eyes. Repeat this a few times and then straighten your eyebrows and give them a good rub with your fingertips;
  • for your eyes: to keep crow’s feet at bay – those unsightly wrinkles which form on the outer corners of the eyes of both women and men – open and close your eyes rapidly for at least seven seconds;
  • for your cheeks: to prevent your cheeks sagging, a classic sign of advancing years, simply puff out your cheeks as if they were a balloon. Hold those cheeks puffed out for a few seconds, then exhale and repeat a couple of times;
  • for your lips: to keep your lips in good shape and free of signs of aging, simply pucker them for a few seconds as if you were about to give someone a kiss. Then let your lips return to their normal position. Once again, repeat the puckering exercise for at least seven seconds;
  • for your neck: pull the corners of your mouth down with your fingers – as if you were making faces at someone when you were a child. While this particular facial exercise may make you feel a little ridiculous, it’s one of the best ways of fighting off neck wrinkles.

There you go, try these simple facial fitness exercises and keep the signs of aging away.

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