The Ermitage Bel Air Detox Program

Ermitage Bel Air’s Detox Program is for anyone with weight or mild metabolic syndrome problems.

“Detox” does not mean diet so much as a period of detoxification designed to help your body remove those excesses of fats and toxins which build up day by day. By purifying your body, you will help it eliminate these toxins. Foods, and other factors such as stress and smog, can also accelerate skin aging and weight gain.

Our Detox Program is also recommended as a diet for anyone suffering from metabolic syndrome or other conditions which raise the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Detox Program

Ermitage Bel Air’s Detox Program is ideal if you need a specific diet for issues related to metabolic syndrome. Our offer includes a diet plan as well as cardio training activities and other treatments.

The Detox Program package includes a 7 night full board stay, pre and post treatment consultations with a physician, a metabolic test, five cardiofitness sessions with a personal trainer and a personalized calorie controlled nutrition program based on our Basil Menu.

→ Find out more about our healthy Basil Menu!

In addition, our Detox Program includes specialized services such as a pre-admission doctor’s visit, (orthopedic, physiatric, rheumatological or dietetic, depending on the specific needs of the client), health care for the entire duration of your stay, and full access to our rehabilitation gym.

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