Spa Aerosol Therapy at Abano Terme Spa

Spa aerosol therapy: a valuable ally for well-being

Aerosol Therapy at Abano Terme SpaOwing to the quality of its waters, the Veneto region is one of the best areas in Italy to inhale spa waters. Indeed, the benefits of the vapours of the Abano Terme spa are appreciated well beyond Italy’s borders.

The benefits of spa water inhalation therapy have been known since ancient times. Just think of  Roman culture and numerous accounts from the Middle Ages as well. Spa water vapours enter the respiratory tract and, owing to the substances contained in the  vapours, inhalation brings immediate relief from respiratory disorders and other health problems affecting ears, noses and throats.

The precious trace elements contained in the vapours of the hot spring waters can help treat all forms of chronic inflammation and also help prevent other respiratory system health issues, such as sinusitis. The inhalation of hot spring water vapours can also help cure voice problems and heal stressed vocal chords.

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The Ermitage Bel Air Spa‘s Sweet Spa Inhalation Treatments

The Blue Week Programme offered by the Ermitage Bel Air Spa includes a series of aerosol therapy sessions. As well as helping relieve respiratory problems, aerosol therapy can also help prevent bone and joint pain.

Our 7 night full board programme, in addition to providing a cycle of aerosol therapy and includes 5 mud treatments, 5 ozone thermal baths and 5 reaction massage sessions lasting twenty minutes each. The programme also includes health care for the entire duration of  your stay plus mud therapy, hydrotherapy and massage therapy cycles lasting twenty minutes; these are ideal for re-activating sluggish peripheral circulation.

Thanks to an agreement between our spa and Italy’s National Health Service some guests may be able to take advantage of a price reduction of €100 subject to the presentation of an official treatment request specifying the health problem and with the words in Italian: “fanghi + bagni termali terapeutici” – “Mud treatment and therapeutic mud baths”.

Get in touch with us for more information about aerosol therapy packages at Abano Terme Spa!

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