How to get back in shape before summer starts in a healthy and safe way

Get back in shape befome summer starts, always looking at healthy and wellness

Summer is almost here and the need to get back in shape before summer starts is very strong for lots of people. Who doesn’t want to wear that nice new swimming suit on the first sunny weekend while spending a day at the seaside with friends? 🙂

And the ways to lose weight can be several: from physical activity to a balanced diet, until surgical treatments to reduce body fat. But be careful, the risk of wanting to get back in shape before summer starts at all cost can lead to drastic or wrong choices for our body.

It is necessary to not understimate the effects that may occur if we change our daily diet or our physical activity habits: every organism has different needs and before to take this kind of decisions it is better to know and understand all of them. Don’t worry: by turning to professionals and experts of the sector, it is possible to get back in shape before summer starts without problems and in complete safety for your body.

Ermitage Bel Air in Abano Terme offers a wide range of packages that combine professional medical advices with treatments specifically thought for every person. And it presents an answer to every need also to get back in shape before summer starts, thanks to the Fit Program and the Weight Management Program!

To Get Back in Shape Before Summer StartsTo get back in shape before summer starts is possible with the dedicated programs by Ermitage Bel Air in Abano Terme

Let’s take a closer look at these two programs, ideal for those who want to get back in shape before summer starts, but also to those who want to take under control their physical condition, followed step by step by experts. With the Fit Program, to get back in shape before summer starts without struggles is possible, thanks to seven days in which SPA treatments are combined with cardio fitness sessions with a personal trainer, all of these joint to a eating program with a personalized calorie scheme. But first of all, medical examinations with a dietician, to understand how it is better to procede to guarantee the guest wellness.

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Ermitage Bel Air in Abano Terme offers also the Weight Management Program for seriously overweight patients or localised fat accumulations. Two weeks of dedicated treatments, with also pre and post blood examinations and a customized hydro-kinesitherapy cycle.

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From June 13 to 20 the FIT Program will also be available at the reduced rate of € 900 by taking advantage of the Scientific Research Offer!

Participants in the research will benefit from the assistance and direct consulting of Prof. Arsenio Veicsteinas, cardiologist and sports doctor expert in physical preparation as well as Professor of Physiology at the Milan University, and of Prof. Fulvio Ursini, expert in bio chemical of international fame and Professor in Nutrition at the Padua University.

Participants will also take advantage of these services: physiological check-up pre and post stay and blood tests for the evaluation of the results gained with the program.

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Spa for disabled and holidays without barriers

Abano Terme for disabled: holidays without barriers at Ermitage Bel Air

Where you can live a holiday without architectural barriers and enjoy all the services offered by a modern touristic structure? Ermitage Bel Air in Abano Terme answers to this need: it is an ideal place where benefits of treatments and spa for disabled are really accessible for everyone.

Ermitage Bel Air was recognized by Regione Veneto as an example of accessible tourism thanks also to the “For All” protocol: an international recognition obtained for the constant care of the structure in the realization of spaces available to everyone, without any distinctions. This prestigious prize was recognized also for the first class welcome towards people with disabilities, which has always been one of the greatest merit of the structure, and for the packages of services espressly thought for those with deambulation problems.

Abano Terme per Disabili - Ermitage Bel Air

Thanks to a continuous collaboration with high-specialized professionists, Ermitage Bel Air offers the possibility to use elevators to access pools, hydromassages, special cabins for spa therapies and eight rooms at high accessibility. These structural details allow people with disabilities, and their families, to enjoy at 100% the relax granted by the hotel structure.

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The most recent innovations implemented to improve the spa services for disabled

Abano terme for disabled: to make the holiday without barriers even more enjoyable, the Ermitage Bel Air staff put a great attention on every needs of the guests, by trying to daily improve serveces and packages offered. Among them there is the Eleonora Project: started in 2014, thanks to the direct collaboration with health centers and no-profit associations, Ermitage has made available a Suite room at high accessibility, completely for free, dedicated to people with serious motor disabilities and to their family. Among the purposes of this initiative, there is the desire to provide an high level assistance and rehabilitation service, by allowing families to spend a holiday without barriers with serenity.

Abano Terme for Disabled

To access to the Eleonora Project it is enough to send an email to the association “Il sogno di Eleonora in which the physical condition, the occurred pathology, and the services needed are described in details. Those who are interested will be contacted later to verify if the characteristics of the package offered by the structure is compatible to the characteristics of the disabled person and to check if the occurred pathologies can find an actual benefit by using the rehabilitation services available in the structure.

This project further strengthens the social commitment of Ermitage Bel Air: to tear down the architectural barriers represents a first significant step to demolish an even bigger obstacle, the mistrust and fear that build distances between people.

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What is a Trigger Point Massage?

Just what are trigger points?

Trigger Point massage is derived from Chinese acupuncture which, in turn, is based on the idea that the human body is composed of many vigorously active nodes that act as switches which manage all our bodily functions. By manipulating these switches with trigger point massage you can improve the body’s equilibrium and relieve pain.

The so-called triggerpoints are points in which tension and pain accumulate. These points are usually located in a limited area of a muscle or along its side. Trigger points can be divided into two major groups: latent and active. The former are only painful when manipulated, others, instead, cause a pain which can be felt in areas of the body that are nowhere near the problematic muscle.

Trigger point massages act on specific trigger points. While these massages can be at little painful at first, remember that they are very effective in reducing joint pain, tension, stiffness, and muscle weakness.

Discover the benefits of massage therapy!

Trigger Point Massage

The Use Trigger Point massages in post-operation rehabilitation

The Trigger Point massage technique involves an initial relaxation phase, followed by movements of the head, neck, shoulders, back and sacroiliac joint area using different moments and pressure of varying intensity. The massages are carried out with the fingertips and knuckles so they to act on the trigger points which need attention.

Trigger Point massages are particularly effective when used as part of rehabilitation courses for the elderly. In fact, the Ermitage Bel Air Spa has created its Active Ageing Program, the goal of which is to significantly improve the physical mobility of older people to help keep them independent. Thanks to the integration of rehabilitation exercises with electro-physical medicine, localised pain and can also be reduced. The staff of the Ermitage Bel Air Spa decide whether or not to include Trigger Point massages in programmes that are tailored to the requirements of each guest.

 Learn about spa treatments that are approved by health and pensions funds

Guests of our spa hotel, as well as recovering their physical wellbeing, will enjoy spending time in relaxing, comfortable environment that offers many amenities including daily access to the spa’s pools and medical services.

The Ermitage Bel Air Spa combines high quality medical care with all the facilities and comforts you would expect to find in a holiday hotel.

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